Andean Culture

The older civilizations

Who came to be the original center of a culture developed in the Andes, central America, India, China, Middle East and from the shores of the Mediterranean. Tribes who inhabited these regions have similar ways of living. Everything that exists in the Andean world is alive, not only men, animals and plants, but also rocks, rivers, mountains and lakes. In the Andean world there is nothing dead, everything is alive, everybody participates in the great celebration of life, everyone eats, dances, sings, sleeps, all living life to the fullest extent.

These Andean villagers divided into cultures such as MOCHICAS, TIAHUANACO, PARACAS, NAZCA, CHIMU to mention a few, left us their legacy of dance, music, crafts, constructions, temples, celebrations, food, an their habits which are now part of the world and we all know as the ANDES OF SOUTH AMERICA, THE ANDEAN COUNTRIES, THE ANDEAN COMUNITY OR THE EMPIRE OF THE INCAS, these references speak of a culture in place that continues to gives us their customs and way of life to the world.